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Wireless Laser-Radio tech for last-mile connectivity deployed in Old San Juan

The California-based AOptix wireless communications company announced that Global Service Solutions Inc. (GSS), a reseller and distributor of telecommunications products in the Caribbean, has deployed the AOptix Intellimax wireless transport product in San Juan on behalf of an undisclosed major national carrier. The new link will deliver multi-gigabit bandwidth to Old San Juan.

“Old San Juan is designated as a National Historic Landmark District—digging up the streets in this area of town to lay fiber simply isn’t an option,” said Andrés Nazario, sales director at GSS. “Carriers looking to serve business customers in the area who need high bandwidth, high availability connections have limited options. As a wireless technology, AOptix Intellimax delivers fiber-like performance without impacting the surrounding area.”

Old San Juan is a 465-year-old neighborhood within Puerto Rico’s capital and most populous city. Its old wiring has run out of capacity and is unable to support the growing bandwidth needs of organizations in the area. GSS and the carrier it represents considered microwave, but the technology was unable to deliver the high capacity or availability required.

The new 1.2-kilometer link relies on AOptix’ Laser-Radio technology, a hybrid solution that combines wireless optics with millimeter wave radio to deliver multi-gigabit performance and carrier-grade availability, even in severe weather conditions, according to the company. The technology serves a wide range of wireless communications needs—from last-mile connectivity to mobile backhaul to fiber extension applications.

“In our increasingly connected, bandwidth-consuming modern world, there’s an urgent global need to provide greater capacity to more places,” said Christina Richards, VP of marketing at AOptix. “Yet, fiber can only take us so far. In some cases, fiber is simply too expensive and disruptive to deploy. In other cases, like in Old San Juan, deploying fiber would scar a national treasure. This is why breakthrough new technologies such Laser-Radio wireless links are becoming so critically important.”

AOptix’ Laser-Radio has been deployed in seven countries, with applications that span service provider networks in dense urban settings to bolstering telecommunications in remote parts of the world.

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