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Sales Specialists

Abraham Mora

Related to:  SONET/SDH Solutions, IP/Ethernet Solutions, F.O. Multiplexers, IADs/M13s, Wireless Products, SSR and Licensed Microwave Paths.

Albert Feliú Feliz  And Andrea Barreto

Related to:  Access Connectivity, Power Distribution, Fiber Optics Misc., Cables/Wire, Grounding/Surge, Outside Plant, Racks/Cabinets, Telecom Tools, Test Equipments.


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    Abraham Mora

    + (809)-543-0009

    Albert Feliú Feliz

    + (809)-756-0296

    Andrea Barreto

    + (809)-756-1036

    Prod. Sales Team

    + (809)-566-7394 Ext 111 – 112