Professional Training

• Training – Presents comprehensive courses designed to enhance your in-house expertise with our products and/or new technologies.

• On-site specialized training during equipment start-up

• Off-site formalized training by our experienced and certified instructors

• We ensure training seminar addresses the specific needs of the customer

• Reference manuals and other related documents

• Showroom and Training/Lab. Room of our products in our facilities in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

Post-Sales Support

• Technical Assistance – equipment configuration, tech. support, troubleshooting.

• 24×7 network support

• Remote technical support to your network services and projects to keep them running smoothly with no service interruption

• Troubleshooting via phone/modem to bring support to your maintenance staff

Technical Consulting & Design

• Network Planning – Core to Edge Network Consulting and Design

• Optimize your network by identifying new technologies capable of meeting the growing demand of your network and diversity of your subscribers

• Help you build network solutions that support your short-term and long-term business and technical strategies

• We’ll deliver a cost-effective solution that meets your requirement and needs

• Integrated Solutions to provide density and reducing points of failure in the network

• Guidance in selecting future-oriented products which provide ease in the installation, configuration & maintenance procedures

Deployment & Implementation

• Project Management – Consultative project management services

• Site survey(s)

• Organizing, planning, and executing an entire network deployment or upgrade to bring on-time results that fit your budget model.

• Experienced personnel (Project Managers) designated to coordinate the activities leading to a successful project completion

• On-going project assessment (meetings, conference calls, status reporting)

• Deployment, implementation and migration proposals

Other Value-Added Benefits

• We will constantly keep you up-to-date on the new products and technology. Our engineers have worked and offered their services in sales and tech support with Service Providers and Enterprises in all the CALA Region, which provides us a tool to offer our customers innovative ideas and solutions based on their experience.

• Our extensive and diversified Local Inventory will provide you with the best lead time in the market. Next day delivery (or even delivery before receiving the P.O.) is common on our daily business. Based on our experience, we’ve learned that is a must to have products in local stock in order to attend your immediate needs.