• Technical Assistance – equipment configuration, tech. support, troubleshooting.
– 24×7 network support Remote technical support to your network services and projects to keep them running smoothly with no service interruption
– Troubleshooting via phone/modem to bring support to your maintenance staff

• On-Site Technical Support – On-site technical assistance to support your projects, installations or any other needs.
– Troubleshooting
– “Hands-on” technical support
– Project support

• Trouble ticket remote access – Customers will have real-time access to their own trouble ticket information.
– Trouble ticket information includes: Reported by, Reported Time, Alarm Type, Status, Problem Description, Suggested Action, Resolution, etc.
– Repair & Return (R&R) – We take care of your warranty or damage equipment issues.
– We will pick your damaged equipment from your facilities, ask for the RMA, ship it to the factory and return it to you as soon as possible. So you don’t have to waste time doing paper work, e-mails, calls, research or even take care of shipping packages and procedures. We’ll do it for you.
– In some cases we’ll replace the equipment with our local stock spares in order for your network to keep running with no service interruption.

• Network Revitalization – Keep an up-to-date network.
– Upgrade your Network with the latest, more stable and new technology enabled Software. We will send a Tech. Support Engineer to your facilities in order to keep your equipment running on the latest software version available, so that it doesn’t get to out-of-date and try to keep it as smooth and not-service-affecting as possible.
– Assessing existing equipment and its capabilities
– Equipment analysis (space, power use, thermals, etc.)
– Implementation recommendation and strategies