• Network Planning – Core to Edge Network Consulting and Design
– Optimize your network by identifying new technologies capable of meeting the growing demand of your network and diversity of your subscribers
– Help you build network solutions that support your short-term and long-term business and technical strategies
– We’ll deliver a cost-effective solution that meets your requirement and needs
– Integrated Solutions to provide density and reducing points of failure in the network
– Guidance in selecting future-oriented products which provide ease in the installation, configuration & maintenance procedures
– Design the roadmap to transform your network into a more profitable, efficient, multi-service next generation network
– Maximized return on networking investments
– Cost Benefit Analysis

• Network Audit – End-to-end network analysis
– Identify the strengths and weakness of your network
– Mapping of existing network topology and infrastructure
– Provide an in-depth analysis of your existing network topology and infrastructure
– Identification of all network elements with corresponding network addresses
– Outside plant survey, network provisioning, applications and services, with recommendations to a clear migration strategy